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10: Where's My Stuff?

Perks Fulfillment with Diana Kingsbury.

We all donate to Axanar first and foremost to help create an amazing film. But let's be honest… those perks are pretty cool, too. From patches to programs, CDs to Blu-rays, Axanar isn't just a movie—it's a full-on Star Trek experience. Getting those goodies out to donors, however, is an even bigger task than you might think. And leading the charge is none other than Diana Kingsbury, Fulfillment Director.

In this episode of the official Star Trek: Axanar podcast, Alec Peters and Christopher Jones are joined by Diana to talk about the process from donation to actual shipment of perks. Find out how Kickstarter collects the required information, how BackerKit plays into the process, and, of course, when your stuff will be heading your way!

In our news segment we get an update on the rewriting of the Axanar film script, an autograph party that featured a blossoming bromance between Richard and Gary, and some potentially exciting news for fans of Babylon 5.



Christopher Jones and Alec Peters



Diana Kingsbury


Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones


Associate Producer

Norman C. Lao



Script development update (1:02)

Autograph Session (4:32)

Could Babylon 5 be lending a hand to Axanar? (8:25)


Feature: Perks Fulfillment with Diana Kingsbury

Overview of the process and BackerKit (14:01)

Collected Information, Missing Information (21:23)

The Role of the Donor Store (30:32)

Closing (36:39)


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