Axanar: The Official Podcast
15: Stepping Into Eden

The New Studio and More.

A lot has happened for Axanar to close out 2014, and as we transition to a new and exciting year we bring you up to date. In this episode of the official Axanar podcast Christopher Jones passes the hosting baton over to Robert Meyer Burnett who then digs deep into the key developments that have set Axanar up to find the essence of Star Trek. In fact, we discover that independent productions may just be a way of life! Find out about the new Ares Studios in Valencia—soon to be home to Axanar sets and the sci-fi film school—plans for production, the thirty-mile rule, and catch up on the status of the Axanar Blu-ray and DVD development with the producer himself.



Robert Meyer Burnett and Alec Peters


Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones


Associate Producer

Norman C. Lao


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Coordinator

Will Nguyen



Introducing Ares Studios and Production Framework (00:02:47)

Production Transmission: Acting Class (00:14:28)

These Are The Voyages and Ares Model Kit (00:18:09)

More Axanar Model Kits on the Way? (00:23:37)

Axanar Blu-ray and DVD (00:25:04)

High-End Donors and Associate Producers (00:30:53)

Sci-fi Film School (00:32:51)

It’s a Way of Life (00:35:27)

Thoughts on Justin Lin Directing Star Trek 2016 (00:39:27)

Axanar Books (00:42:59)

Closing (00:45:16)


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