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26: I Took Dana Scully to an Alien Planet…

Axanar Production Update.

Questions about where we are with production come in all the time. So in this episode of the official Axanar podcast, hosts Robert Meyer Burnett and Alec Peters bring you a massive update on the state of Axanar. From the building of the bridge and the crowdsourced construction of the art department to the impending arrival—in your hands—of the soundtrack and the Blu-ray, things are zipping along at Ares Studios.

The summer convention circuit is also exciting, including the first ever Axanar panel at San Diego Comic-Con! Also kicking off soon is the third and final Kickstarter, which promises to deliver you the most rewards ever. Plus, the first filming for the main Axanar film begins, on location, June 13… and it all started with Rob and a Dana Scully action figure. Listen on to find out why!



Robert Meyer Burnett and Alec Peters


Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones


Associate Producer

Norman C. Lao


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Manager

Will Nguyen



The Bridge Is Built! (00:00:42)

Crowdsourcing Art (00:02:41)

Captain’s Log (00:04:52)

Soundtrack and Blu-ray Arriving! (00:06:21)

Axanar and Summer Conventions (00:08:02)

The Next (and Final) Kickstarter (00:11:52)

Looking for Volunteers (00:20:15)

Production Begins! (00:21:26)

Closing (00:44:36)


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