Axanar: The Official Podcast
33: Gabbing with Gary Gra’HAM

Axanar creates connections to the Star Trek that we know and love, and does so in two directions. It bridges the gap between Enterprise and The Original Series, and does so through story, technology, and people. One familiar face is Ambassador Soval … and not just the character, but the man who brought him to life on Enterprise.

In this episode of the official Axanar podcast, hosts Robert Meyer Burnett and Alec Peters are joined by that man, Gary Graham, to discuss how he became involved in Axanar, how he got the role of Soval on Enterprise, and how crowdfunding is changing Hollywood. Gary also tells stories of how he first got into acting, what it was like to be a young actor in the 1980s, and even tells you the “correct” way to pronounce his last name.

In news, Rob and Alec are joined by the Goddess of Fulfillment, Diana Kingsbury, for an update on those Axanar perks and recent developments in the production process, and a recap of their visit to Salt Lake City Comic Con.

Robert Meyer Burnett and Alec Peters

Gary Graham and Diana Kingsbury

C Bryan Jones (Editor and Executive Producer) Norman C. Lao (Associate Producer) Richard Marquez (Production Manager) Will Nguyen (Content Manager)

Salt Lake City Comic Con Recap (00:00:00)
Fulfillment Update (00:03:14)
Production Update (00:08:10

Feature: Gary Graham Talks Axanar and Soval
Getting Into Acting, Handling Rejection (00:25:39)
Breakthrough Roles (00:33:12)
Being a Young Actor in the '80s (00:39:36)
Alien Nation and Conventions (00:45:59)
Getting Involved in Star Trek (00:53:39)
Getting Involved in Axanar (00:59:56)
Thoughts on Crowdfunding Films (01:17:53)

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