Axanar: The Official Podcast
43: 2016: A Fan Film Odyssey

2016 Year in Review.

2016 was a year filed with highs and lows for the Axanar team. In this episode of the official Axanar Podcast, Alec Peters and Robert Meyer Burnett are joined by Diana Kingsbury and Mike Bawden (in an interview recorded prior to the lawsuit settlement) to discuss the year in review for 2016. In the interview, they discuss the future of Axanar, the visual effects that have been completed, fulfillment of perks, and suspending the project for the trial.

In news, Alec and Robert talk about Star Trek: Discovery, a new Sarek, and Alec's recent trip to Europe.

Welcome to Episode 43 (00:00:00) 
News (00:00:40) 
Star Trek: Discovery (00:02:08) 
Sarek (00:06:50) 
A Tangent (00:08:08) 
Where Do We Go From Here? (00:09:20) 
2016 Year in Review (00:10:32) 
Taking a Look Forward (00:15:19) 
Fulfillment (00:17:32) 
2017 For Axanar (00:22:05)  
The Upcoming Case (00:27:12)  
Visual Effects (00:31:14)  
Suspending Production (0:34:38)  
Future Projects (00:36:20)  
Judge the Work (00:38:08)  
This Whole Thing Was About Quality (00:43:13)  
The Vulcan Scene (00:44:30)  
I Want the Fans to be Proud of Us (00:50:52)  
Final Thoughts (00:53:37)  

Alec Peters and Robert Meyer Burnett

Diana Kingsbury and Mike Bawden

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