Axanar: The Official Podcast

Official Axanar Podcast 53
Host: Keith M. Sedor
With: Alec Peters
Board Operator:  Benjamin Rockwell
In this episode of Official Axanar Podcast 53, host Keith M. Sedor talks with Executive Producer Alec Peters. In this brief summer episode, they discuss the upcoming Axanar convention: Axacon, including special guests & panel attendees, an update on the progress of completion of the bridge set of the USS Ares, as well as commentary on the Axanar comic, Steven Jepson (Admiral Slater from ‘Prelude to Axanar), and a new patch is in the works for Axacon attendees. This summer hiatus episode of the Official Axanar Podcast is short, but jam-packed with fun information for Axanar fans!
On The Web: Facebook: Twitter: @AxanarFilm @Treksperts Production Keith M. Sedor (Show Host, Editor, Executive Producer) Benjamin Rockwell (Engineer) Other World Computing (Sponsor)

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