Axanar: The Official Podcast (Supporter Questions)
5: There Be Andorians Here!

Supporter Questions and Fundraising Ins-and-Outs.

The level of support being received by Star Trek: Axanar is unprecedented, not only financially but also in pure excitement and dedication. The premiere of Prelude to Axanar has kicked the warp factor up a few notches, and has also generated some great questions from fans and supporters.

In this episode of the official Star Trek: Axanar podcast, Alec Peters and Christopher Jones sit down to answer some of those questions and provide some background details about how the fundraising process works. Amongst the questions about creative that we dive into are the possibility of seeing Andorians and Tellarites in the full Axanar film, what format that film will take compared to Prelude, and whether or not we'll see the USS Kelvin. Plus, we learn the surprising design process behind the Vulcan patch that will be heading your way as supporters.

In our news segment we get an update on all the happenings from Axanar's trip to Houston Con, plans for the upcoming Dragon Con and Garrett Wang, and the status of the current Kickstarter, which is closing in on the final stretch goal.


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Houston Con Recap (0:34)

Axanar Is Headed to Dragon Con! (7:58)

Kickstarter Update (9:38)


Feature: Supporter Questions and Fundraising Ins-and-Outs

What Is the Net Amount of a Donation? (17:25)

What Is the Format of the Full Axanar Film? (21:35)

Will We See Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites? (25:50)

What Are the Differences In the Facebook Groups? (29:47)

Closing and Feedback (33:01)

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