Axanar: The Official Podcast (Sound Design)
3: Dispelling Disbelief

The Sound Design of Prelude to Axanar.

Spectacular visuals and captivating acting are two of the most noticeable elements of a film, but take away the sound and what are you left with? In the absence of sound effects, even the greatest story doesn't feel quite right. Weapons fire, starships zipping by, footsteps, and the gentle ambient hum of the engines are all critical to making the visuals believable. But how are they created? The sources of many sounds Star Trek fans find familiar may surprise you. In this episode of the official Star Trek: Axanar podcast we're joined by Mark Edward Lewis, Jesse Akins, and Academy Award-winner Frank Serafine to learn more about how they bring Axanar to life through sound.

In our news segment we get a first-hand account of the San Diego Comic-Con premiere of Prelude to Axanar, some of the behind-the-scenes excitement that led up to the screening, the launch of the Kickstarter for the full Axanar film, and Axanar activities on slate for Star Trek Las Vegas.


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Recapping the Prelude to Axanar premiere (1:08)

Kickstarter for the full Star Trek: Axanar film underway (5:42)

Axanar activities at Star Trek Las Vegas (14:10)


Feature: The Sound Design of Prelude to Axanar

Frank's Background (17:30)

Mark's Background (21:08)

Jesse's Background (23:29)

What Is Sound Design? (24:25)

Bringing Axanar to Life Through Sound (30:24)

Things to Watch For (42:17)

Closing and Feedback (46:03)

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