Axanar: The Official Podcast (Pre-Production)
8: Crewing Up!

Pre-Production Begins!

Prelude to Axanar has raised the level of expectations for independent Star Trek productions and generated excitement not only amongst fans but in the media as well. After the amazing short, fans are eagerly anticipating the full-length film. What does the full Axanar have in store for us? A few tidbits are now at hand as pre-production has begun! In this episode of the official Star Trek: Axanar podcast, Alec Peters and Christopher Jones are joined by director Christian Gossett to find out what's happened so far in pre-production, from some new casting to the evolution of the script. Diana Kingsbury even makes an off-mic guest appearance! (Listen and see if you can spot her.) Plus, in our news, segment we get an update from Alec about initial makeup tests for the full Axanar film and preparations for Comikaze.



Christopher Jones and Alec Peters


Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones


Associate Producers

Norman C. Lao



Visiting Makeup Effects Lab (0:56)

Preparing for Comikaze (4:01)


Feature: Pre-Production

First Steps (6:52)

Casting: Ana Alexander (8:40)

Makeup Tests (10:41)

Other Aliens We May See In Axanar (13:09)

Evolution of the Script (16:34)

Getting the Crew In Place (26:44)

Final Thoughts (32:50)

Closing (36:13)


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